Photo by Hanna Oksanen
Photo by Hanna Oksanen

I was born 1980. I live in Pöytyä, Finland.

I don’t want to preach through my work, although they are always statements towards contemporary society we live in.

My work consists very easily recognizable things, but as a whole they compel thoughts to the threshold and challenge them to change. Visually they usually contradict with its theme.

I feel it is important to make art that you can touch and feel.

I use very simple and ordinary materials and instruments, and also my methods are very do-it-yourself-wise.

For me the process of making these is the art itself. It’s the language I try to interpreter myself into, as I often can’t describe my thoughts verbally.

Of course skulls and coffins reflect death, but I don’t make these to promote death. As far as I have understood, the skulls anf coffins describe the death of our soul, death of all that is humane in us. And it is not death that you feel in my work, but hope, and all that hope is ruthlessly taken away from us. From there, try to realize that we can change that. Hope is not lost.

I would like to say that we must preserve social equality or our children will truly live in a world of the future. And that future I do not want.


Photo by Hanna Oksanen