Ilmari Wärri

Death Artist. Don't know how to do anything else.

Köyhällä on kiire kuolemaan -exhibition at B-galleria till 26th of January 2020

I’m helding a solo exhibition at B-galleria (Turku, Finland). Exhibition is called ”Köyhällä on kiire kuolemaan” (Poor hurry to die)….

Children of the Future at Tuska pop-up store

Tuska invited me to make a custom ”Children of the Future” for the Tuska pop-up store in Redi shopping mall….

At Ruishelmi 2019 festival

I participated Ruishelmi music festival in collaboration with Henna Aho and Ilona Niemi in installation called ”Taideteltat #1: Camp Fire”….

Untitled #1 at B-galleria till 9th of September

Untitled #1 is on display at B-galleria in Nykytaidekulttuuriyhdistys Suunnitelma B active members groupexhibition titled B14 tilll 9th of September….

Held a presentation in South-Korea

I had the pleasure to participate in event called Artists and Social Welfare, and held a presentation titled ”Part-time Artist?”…

Walk on the dead and meditate in a coffin at Tuska Festival 2018

Two of my work is going to be displayed at the Tuska Festival 2018. Somewhere near the Inferno stage and…

Mold and cast workshop at B-galleria

I held a mold and cast workshop at B-galleria on 26th of May. It was superfun to talk about how…

2067 at B-galleria till 29th of April

2067 is displayed at B-galleria Project Space (Turku, Finland) till 29th of April 2018. Remember to go inside the coffin!…

Just Passing By at Bar Kuka till 3rd of January 2018

This untitled work is displayed at Bar Kuka’s group exhibition till 3rd of January 2018. When death is facing sideways,…

2067 at Gallery Rajatila

We had a group exhibition ”Marras – vähenevä valo”  from B-gallery at Gallery Rajatila. My work was this transparent coffin…

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